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Originally Posted by Laguna7 View Post
Yea, I am a student Instructor for the Tig class at my college. I hold 1 hr lab sessions and 1 hr class lectures and I'm a lab aid so I get to help people learn in the classroom and psychically help them in the lab. It's been a great experience, It really made me better welder because I can look at what people are doing wrong and show them how to correct it. So when I'm making mistakes or bad welds I'm able to figure out what I need to change. Strech JDM my first instructor at college was a pipe fitter, he taught me how to Tig and he's the best Tig welder I've personally seen. It's funny because I just took Tig again with his friend and he is a fabricator at a famous hot rod shop and he welds COMPLETELY different. It's funny how people in different industry's have completely different views on the same thing.
Nice, how long have you been student teaching?

Yeah I know what you mean. Welding techniques vary from person to person. Its good though, to see the different ways people weld. Like you said, it can definitely help you as welder.

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