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G. Wiffington seems to have made some friends! G. Wiffington seems to have made some friends!
So I was in the process of getting my CB ready to take to Honda Day this
weekend but, I think the Hurricane has other plans. Bummer..oh well.

I have been doing some work on it every now & then. The weather has been
a little crazy lately, just like work so I have only had limited time to mess
with it.

When I did my H22 swap I did the whole ABS delete & cleaned up my engine bay a little bit but I really wish I would have repainted it. So two weeks ago I was bored & did a little painting. I could not find a close enough color to my paint but I ended up finding a wheel paint that was pretty close. I think it looks pretty good considering I suck at painting.

The left picture was last fall & the picture on the right was the new paint.

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