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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
It's running and driving with nice cold R12 A/C. It runs so much smoother. Idles smoother and has a little more power.

New :

Fuel filter
Timing belt
Balance shaft belt
Balance shaft belt tensioner & spring
Timing belt tensioner & spring
Crank seal
Balance shaft Seal
Cam seal
Water pump
Lower radiator hose
Alternator & A/C belt
Power steering belt
PCV valve grommet

A/C Compressor
Expansion valve
Receiver drier
All O-rings
Schrader valves
R134A adapter fittings (R12 refrigerant, R134A fittings are my preference)
Supercool synthetic ester oil
Pure R12 refrigerant 28oz

Cold R12 A/C and a smooth running engine.

I have 7.5 hours of footage to edit. 128GB. All 1080p, 60fps with 5000k-5700k lighting. Lots of talking and explaining. Step by step 90% of the time. It's going to take me weeks to edit. It's the absolute best footage I've ever filmed hands down.

If you want a preview go to my Instagram. plain_
Find me on YouTube
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