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Originally Posted by af_1132 View Post
Dude, what the heck??? That is so frustrating! Tell Hondata everything that transpired regarding this problem and see what they have to say.
The tuner I deal with is a hondata dealer. And so is the place I ordered the S300. So one of them are lying. My tuner tried several other S300's and had no issues. So I'm leaning towards HAMotorsports knowing the ECU was bad but not admitting it. But I don't think that either because they are giving me a whole new ECU, no charge, even though mine was out of warranty and the tuner opened it up.

tough call i know. So I gave my tuner HAMotorsports email and they have been battling it out at each other now. I basically went to my tuner and told him to sort it out and that I didn't want to be the middle man. I just want my car to work...

ECU (with new internals) is being shipped back to me tomorrow...
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