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Update time. Although I haven't really worked on Lola at all. I've been working on the engine to go back into old Lola.

I also had a small disaster with trying to replace the sunroof. I finally managed to do it but I had to call in sick and make an emergency trip to Spokane, WA to Pull and Save to get a coupe sunroof. I pulled the one out of my parts car but it was for a sedan, there is a difference in the frame mounting tabs of 1/4". The shape of the roof is slightly different in the coupes due to the longer doors and farther back B pillar. On this trip I found a few goodies for Lola though. I got a set of dual pot Legend calipers, RL black leather grab handles, front grey coupe door panels, and a few other things I can't think of off the top of my head.

I've managed to buy a few items for Lola's new engine as well. Not a lot but even the small stuff is taking items off the list to purchase.

RDX Injectors with VMS Top Hats (Injectors are flow matched to within 2% of each other, and came with RDX to OBD2 clips.)

F23A Intake Manifold with RDX Injectors on F23 Fuel Rail (I still need to clean up the fuel rail, I was more concerned if I could get the injectors to work.)

eBay Civic Fuel Line

F22A6 Piston after Initial Cleanup

Front Side of Block after Cleanup (All of the brackets and shields that are bolted on have been cleaned as well. There is some dirt and whatnot that got knocked onto the block that I need to blow off with some compressed air.)

Rear Side of Block after Cleanup (There is some dirt and other stuff that needs to be blown off with compressed air as well on this side.)

Front of Block after Cleanup (The oil pump still needs to be removed. I'm going to reseal it and the rear plate as well as replace the o-rings in the oil pump. I need the cylinder head back on the block first though as I need to remove the oil pan.)

Pistons after Final Cleanup

I hoping to get the pistons ordered soon. Then I can drop off the block, crank, pistons and a few other misc parts and have the machine shop start working on all of it. Really all that is holding me back right now is cash for all the parts. Also time since I'm trying to get a 1000 things done on old Lola to get her ready to sell. I'll be back on track of more regular updates soon. I've managed to survive the holidays.
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