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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
From my thread on Ford Truck Enthusiasts I received the following reply in regards to the engineering number:

E5TF-9H307-FB ID engineering number is not listed in the Master Cross Reference Catalog or the 1980/89 Ford Truck Parts Catalog, but...

There are only two possible pumps for this application: 1985/86 F250/350 460:

E5TZ-9H307-E .. Fuel Pump & Sender Assy / User with Aft Axle PLASTIC Fuel Tank / Obsolete

E5TZ-9H307-FA (replaced E5TZ-9H307-F) .. Fuel Pump & Sender Assy / Use with Aft Axle STEEL Fuel Tank (Motorcraft PFS-130) / Obsolete

No Ford dealer or obsolete parts vendor has any of these 3 pump/senders.

After 1979, Ford did not sell the float by itself, it was only available with the sending unit. 1979 and earlier is not the same!

So... I'm pretty much screwed with this deal. So I think I'm going to go fuel cell and be done with it. More $$$ but I'm sick of messing with it.

I could make a float but one day the pump is going to fail and I'll be right where I'm at now. Man this sucks...
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