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RADIUS ROD BUSHINGS: OMG I don't know if those were totally the wrong bushings that were installed on my car or they were just too soft, but these blue Moogs (and possibly one other thing) have almost 100% stabilized this car.

Now given, there's a lot of suspension bits to remove before you can get the rod out and maybe I corrected a misinstallation somehow. The only thing I found wrong IMO was there was a washer at the base of one, just one, of the rods. It was 3.3mm thick, 28mm diameter.

The design of the Moog bushing was totally different than the black ones on the car, as well some of the key measurements. The Moog bushings were stiffer for sure. They were also taller and more conical. They did have the same inner/outer diameters. The bushings I took our were in very good shape - no rips or tears, not cracked or rubbed away. Fasteners were tight. Here's the ones I took out, and the offending washer.

I'm not necessarily interested in any handling theory, but mechanically what is the effect of adding that one washer? I'm thinking it creates less caster.

The combo of the bushings and removing that washer has restored my confidence in the front end. I can go 70mph without excess vibration or the car wandering into the next lane within 2 seconds if I let go. The self-centering has also improved, like when exiting a turn and you just let the wheel slide through your hands to center up.

I find it hard to believe just any caster adjustment these parts made had much affect on the camber. However it may have been so out of whack that it multiplied my problem with the camber. I think the problem with the bushings may have been twofold.
1. Possibly wrong bushings, or installed incorrectly
2. The washer was throwing off the right side even more than the right. I'm not sure why they would've put that washer in w/o a matching one on the driver's side. My only guess is the car possibly had very bad ball joints on the passenger side at one point and someone installed the washer thinking that would improve it.

Now I just need to get the camber corrected somehow on that right side and I think she'll track straight.
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