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cb7h22sleeper is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by cp[mike] View Post
Yeah buddy!! Looks good! If you do manage to get a full 1/24th scale, it would be really easy to find wheels and R/C kits for it. I actually have a set of Buddy Club P1's (16") in 1/24 scale, hoping to one day have a CB coupe model to stick them on... Maybe you could add a centering peg sticking out of the wheel well? A sort of plastic axle to have a place to mount wheels to?
Yea I'm going to a hobby shop tomorrow to buy some tires and rims to see how they work with the axles and what not. Printer is up and running, not that hard actually. Printing a test dog now. You can kinda see where I change the filament mid print.

After that, first Cb test model print will begin. looks like it will take almost 8 hours to print. wish me luck
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