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What you are missing that makes the lid fold allll the way down is a chain. What I did was drill a hole in the middle of the arm about the middle of where it curves down from the trunk lid and adjusted two chains to hook on to the rearmost hole in the trunklid (nearest back to the windshield) until it floats level. Yours is a 'flip flop' lid but that's not what it's supposed to be or even what it's actually called. It's a flip trunk. Like a Flip hood (reverse open like a corvette). I've seen on different cars where they had an actually guiding system that made it automatically open correctly. I did not bother doing the side 'locks' on mine because I couldn't get it to hold strong enough and the lid starts to pop open (not a good thing!). I used the same hinge as in the pictures about but the hinge on the arm is on the opossite side of the arm and the other half is also reverse of how you did it. Not to thick so with the one bottom stock bolt it holds 100% normal and solid. Not bad because you mess with the car less and it's not something you are doing at every stoplight...

Or so I hope not...
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