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EXT: OEM Fog Light installation (USDM 9293, others similar)

let me mention right now that this may not be the "proper" way to install them, we know there are OEM templates available, but we didnt have them, and we installed them our own way, and it turned out great. so this is how mauricio (excalibur02) and myself installed some pretty OEM USDM 9293 fogs on his car... so all the pics you see are of his car, not mine :P so yeah, on with the DIY!

timmy0tool did a followup DIY thread with better pics and a little more info, so take a look at his thread too:

Required tools/parts:
- dremel with cutting disc and sanding wheels
- hacksaw blade
- ratchet set/wrench to remove bumper
- wirecutters / strippers / electrical tape / stuff for wiring
- APC foglight wiring harness kit
- the fogs, with brackets and connectors

STEP 1 : remove the bumper following the other DIY guide by usc

STEP 2 : get yourself prepared for where the bumper will be cut. this is an overlay pic so you can see where the edges of the fogs will line up. if you look at some of the later pics, youll be able to see how it turned out. the second pic is of the rubber trimming that gets installed around the fog... it should also help give an idea how itll be installed. EDIT: OEM bumpers have a faint trace outline on the backside of the bumper, its like a faint double dotted line showing where the bumper is supposed to be cut. i dont know if you should cut along the inner or outer line, try the inner one first... if the foglight doesnt fit, you can always use a dremel and extend the hole to reach the outer dotted line

STEP 3 : cut the hole out, but just the general shape, but make sure you stay "inside of the lines" - the hole will be trimmed down and rounded and perfected later. if you have the OEM bumper, follow the trace lines on the back side like mentioned in step 2. aftermarket bumper ppl, youre gonna need to guess.

STEP 4 : use a dremel with some sort of medium to heavy sanding cylinder on it, and trim down the edges of the bumper, rounding it out and makign it the perfect shape for the fogs. when you get it done, the rubber trimming (pictured in step 2) should fit perfectly into the hole and stay in place. youll start gettign a feel for it as you try. thats me with the dremel, wearing the cheesy goggles... i got a chunk of melted bumper plastic in my eye, and that wasnt fun... so USE GOGGLES... melted shards of plastic fly everywhere.

STEP 5 : test fit the fog light. the bracket on his fogs (USDM 92-93) had 3 screw holes along the bottom, two on the top corners, and one center brace on the top center. when reinstalling the bumper, one of the bolts that went behind the bumper lights gets put thru the top center brace on the fog light bracket, and it helps hold it. for some reason the top two corner screw holes didnt line up, so those brackets were bent out of the way, and only the 3 bottom screws and the top brace were used. its very solid.

STEP 6 : wire them up! mauricio's friend had given him an APC fog wiring kit, so we used that. it had the switch and wiring harness all pre-set up. im not going to explain how to make your own harness, i say just go out and buy the APC one, it made life SO easy, just run the wires and plug them in. the connectors that came with the fogs need to be spliced onto the ends of the APC wiring harness. right now he is using the APC button to control them, but he has an OEM fog switch and connector... when we get a chance to wire that up in place of the APC button, ill post up a diagram of where each pin gets connected. you can barely see the two white wires hanging out of the corners of his car, ready for the bumper to be installed and the fogs hooked up.

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