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Originally Posted by khal.lawson View Post
Looking good man. Not sure how I missed this thread.
Thanks for the compliment, your coupe is looking great as well. Hopefully I'll have mine on road soon.

Originally Posted by preludeNinja View Post
Wow so clean and I love your engine! Great progress it will look factory when you are done and thats a compliment haha!
Thanks a lot man! It takes a lot of time and effort to figure out a plan and then execute it. Sometimes the smallest seeming project can end up taking a few hours, like to move that stupid EGR valve!

This weekend yielded some more progress. Nothing really picture worthy. Installed a new OEM thermostat, OEM fuel filter, a few custom brackets for the last few electrical connectors. Also wrapped up a bunch of loose ends as well as installed all of the hose clamps that I could. I still need to buy both of the heater core hoses. This will finish the cooling system.

I spent a few hours underneath trying to clean off 22 years worth of oil and dirt. That had almost turned into some sort of grease that was awful to clean the residue off. Took a ton of elbow grease to get it cleaned, but it looks good now. Finished cleaning the bottom of the transmission as well since it was on the ground while I cleaned the rest. Also while underneath I got the flex plate bolted to the torque converter and torqued down. There is more I'm sure but as it's late and it's been a long weekend I think thats enough for tonight.
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