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Got to put in some more work last night. Actually managed to get a few things accomplished.

Rack and Pinion and Front Sway Bar removed (Front ABS sensors as well)

Front Sway Bar Damaged (Noticed this awhile back, but just got to removing this stuff. Have a 99 CL 3.0 solid Front Sway Bar to replace it.)

Bad Tie Rods Drivers Side

Bad Tie Rods Passenger Side

Dirty Center Beam 1

Dirty Center Beam 2

Cleaned Up Center Beam 1

Cleaned Up Center Beam 2

I also spend a good deal of time cleaning the bottom of the rear subframe, where the rack and pinion came out of. It's filthy up in there as well, you can tell from what the rack looked like in the picture above. Now that this rack is out I can finish up converting my other rack and pinion to a manual rack and pinion. I'll post up a few pictures of the process as I noticed there is something missing in the DIY that causes some play in the wheel. I'll get my new tie rods ordered this week and hopefully sometime next week I'll have the steering all put back together. I also finished my ODBII distributor to ODBI wiring harness jumper, but forgot to take a picture of it. I can post this up later.
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