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Originally Posted by sonikaccord View Post
I would imagine the wagon may be the easiest just because of the space that you have to work with.

I REALLY like the Corvette Transaxle configuration. We may be able to avoid as much cutting for the transmission tunnel. The CB and the Vette's wheel base is very close. We can make a simple adapter to mount to the torque tube and use any engine that will fit and spin the correct direction as the clutch is no longer directly attached to the transaxle. The tube can also be used for bracing and stiffening.
The wagon does give tons of room with the hatch which is probably the most easiest. I am in agreement.

However, I think (an Anthony opinion) for a first solid RWD CB, the coupe would probably be the most appealing to enthusiast.

As far as the Vette goes, which year/chassis, C5/C6/C7?

I haven't had the privilege of seeing the intricacies of one up close and personal to evaluate the frame/chassis layout. I'll be frequenting a few junk yards this week, and I'll be taking my digital camera and tape measure. I'll try to find one.

The trans/drive shaft tunnel is a huge aspect of this build. The rear too! Actually, they just may be the most important aspects along with making the car structurally sound.
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