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Jack_lee is cool... so far.
Jack_lee : 1990 Accord EXi


pg.28 2015 rebuild!








JDM F20B from SiR-T.
5 speed T2T4 manual LSD transmission.
Cusco styled oil catch tank.
Stock piping with custom twin loop muffler.
DIY hood damper.
Wire tucked.

JDM 9293 one piece head lamp.DIY black housed + Morimoto mini H1 projector + E46R shroud + DRL.
JDM 9293 front bumper.
JDM 9293 front Fog lamp.
JDM 9293 stock lip.
JDM 9293 plastic polished stock grill.
JDM 9293 fender.
JDM 9293 fender side marker.
JDM 9293 rear bumper.
JDM 9293 rear under lamp panel.
JDM 9293 complete rear trunk lid conversion.
JDM Chromatic door window,all 6pcs.
JDM Chromatic rear win screen.
JDM Door visor.
USDM STANLEY rear side marker.
JDM Accord Si-T/Coupe rear spoiler.
JDM Accord Si-T bumper lens.
EDM STANLEY Rear fog light.
Authentic G Square front grill c/w CD5 ACCORD badge.
Authentic ChargeSpeed CB9 EXT FORCE front lip.Not install.
JL Head light eyelid.Not install.
Honda HOA Eagle badge on C-pillar.
ACCORD badge on fender liner taken from CD6 SIR rear door garnish.

JDM 9293 Si-T cluster meter. Manual transmission.
JDM 9293 Si-T amber defrost button.
JDM 9293 Si-T amber fog button.
JDM Cup holder swap (plastic polished).
JDM "NO SMOKING" personal box c/w plastic polished.
JDM flare.
JDM DC2 white font clock c/w (plastic polished).
JDM CB3 Stainless steel door step.
JDM CD5 Map light.
JDM CB3 Sun visor with light.
JDM Rear seat belt.Not install.
RECARO SPORT front seat from CL7 Euro R.
13" NARDI Classic steering wheel.SOLD.
14" Red stitching NARDI Classic steering wheel.
Civic EK9 Type R shift boot.
JDM CL7 5 speed shift knob.
MUGEN pedal set.
Plastic polished dash trim.
CD6 SIR black big floor mat conversion.
Euro R CL1 floor mat.

15" x 5.5 OEM "sunflower" wheel from JDM CB6 coupe.Collection item.
15" x 6.5, off-set:unknown SSR Spec C.stripped paint.SOLD!
16" x 7, +43 ENKEI RPF1.Not install
17" x 7.5, +42 ADVAN RG in GOLD
JDM Authentic Bridgestone lug nuts.
BC V1 coilover.
CD5 rear disc brake conversion.
SiR-T front rotor and caliper. Whole knuckle set.
Ultra racing front tower bar.
Ultra racing rear tower bar.
Ultra racing room bar.
Ultra racing rear lower bar. SOON!
DIY speaker board strengthening panel taken from a donor chassis.

Honda OEM Gathers 2 din audio player
BOSCH electronic antenna.
JDM CB7 coupe front BOSE speaker conversion.
JDM CB3 rear BOSE speaker.

Re-fabric door trim.
CL1 RECARO seats.
Ultra racing rear sway bar.
Brake system upgrade.
Body re-painted. DONE!

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