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Well, some serious shit's happened in the home life in the last month or so and it's got the build on hold. Still trying to be shopping for a wagon by the end of the summer, though... provided the right one shows up for sale. I can't likely take short-notice vacation time off work, so looking too far afield for a chassis isn't going to work.

But anyway, a month and a half ago, I dropped some things off to be powder coated - and what a birthday gift! They went a couple weeks over the "month" I was quoted (even though I told them on day one that there's no rush, no deadline), so they felt bad and gave it to me for free. I kinda feel bad about not paying, but it's not like I won't have a ton more parts to coat later on. I'm sure that's what they were hoping for anyway. We got as close as we could to Toyota's Quicksand color, which the bay will eventually be matched to. The car will be built to drive, first and foremost, but I've been going to car shows since I was a kid and would love to have something worth showing myself one day. The bay will be clean. That said, parts to be colored tan were chosen very carefully:

- Only the rear of the engine mounts, since it's the only one that bolts to the chassis. Rear subframe will be made tan when I get it. The other mounts will be silver to match the trans/engine they mount to - the plastic timing covers will be painted silver to simplify and clean up that side.

- Most of the ESP traction bar. I'm thinking that I'll like having all of the car's suspension arms, knuckles, etc coated this color as a nice contrast to the black underside of the unibody, so I went beyond just the bar itself and had the radius rods coated. The interior of this dark blue wagon will be custom-upholstered tan, so the tan suspension pieces should all flow nicely. The top mount for the torque strut sits against the engine, so that will be silver. I left the torque strut itself polished because I can't imagine it looking right if it were any other color. A tan torque strut would make it look like the engine bay was propping up the engine, and anything else would stand out in some other ugly way.

- The oil pan... more 'just because.' It used to be a metallic orange, because I thought I was going to get Bisi cam gears and thought that would make for a cool matching accent. I guess I could have gone silver, but I think that wouldn't have looked right. Imagining a look from under the car, I think this will look best. I spent a full hour reapplying the DEI heat tape, trying to have it lay as smooth as possible.


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