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Well I finally picked up the seats. I dont want to hack apart and destroy my factory seat rails in case i ever want to put them back in so I'm waiting til after saturday when i pick up a running & driving 93 LX 5-speed sedan that I'm buying for parts for $150 I'll use the seat rails from it lol. Also gonna pull the motor & trans so I'll get the new tranny i need along with a spare healthy motor, stripping everything i possibly can off of it, selling my buddy the pedals & shifter etc for a 5-spd conversion, and then scrapping the shell when im done. Should at least make my money back and a few extra bucks and get all the parts I need for free in the end

Running parts car im getting for $150 (209k 5spd, motor & tranny perfect):
90 LX 5spd 2dr (2011-2014)
93 EX 5spd 2dr (2013-2015)
92 LX 5spd 2dr (2015-present)

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