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I lost my motivation to work on my car and have been considering buying a Crown Victoria to use as my daily driver.

I decided to take a wheel off of the rear and check my brakes. I then decided to do the 5 lug swap on the rear of my car to see how it would look. Got the first side off and it seems someone has replaced the wheel bearing on the driver's side recently, it came off without any issues or much effort. The passenger side was a little more involved as it came out in pieces and looked to be the original bearing which is impressive as my car has 366K on it. It went back together without any problems, but I ran into a tire problem. I mounted some 225-55r16 tires on my rims and they rubbed the springs. I had to use my wife's spare tire and go to work to mount some more tires on my wheels and try again. I gave up on finding rear disks so I am keeping the drums for now. Enough said onto the pics.

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