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Originally Posted by Mike1357 View Post
Welp, I decided to pick up an Ultra Racing front strut bar this weekend and I'm somewhat eager to see how I like it. I've only ever seen pictures of them so I might even do a product review thread on it to give others insight on it.

I'm torn between making my car a clean car with a stock hood and no flares, and making it a zany track style car. I certainly need to get on making a set of diy SI-T lights because I feel it will really tie in the rest of the front end together. I may unbolt the canards for a few days and see how I like it because that picture does look pretty slick.
The Ultra Racing front bar is decent, but the bar is, a massive improvement on the Ultra Racing bar, I've had both on Lola. Still though you made a good purchase Mike, you will notice the front stiffen up a bit.
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