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Rilas seems to have made some friends!
I actually found a PDR shop only 2 blocks away from my house. I've taken Lola over there 3 times now, to find the shop empty. I'm going to try again one more time after work today. If not I'll just call and setup an appointment.

I've been driving Lola the last few days to work, due to leaving my TL keys in Washington over the weekend.

A the most recent issues with her...

- Replaced the passenger drivers door handle backing plate (One of the screw holes was stripped out.)
- Wideband 02 Sensor reads ---- half the time (I need to look at the wiring, which I need to work on anyway to get my ecu mailed to Sonik.)

Other than that, not much else has been been going on with her. I still have an entire punch list to work on for the car, but none of it is pressing stuff.
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