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Originally Posted by apalileo View Post
Wow I missed quite a lot in my absence! Always great work despite the set backs! Last I saw the lip was still unfinished and it turned out amazing! That Optimus Prime costume was a masterpiece! All of the new engine, transmission and cooling updates are fantastic and the cleanliness (both in execution and aesthetic) is way above board, as is usual for you. A lot was covered in the last 6 pages, but it was well worth the read!
Thanks a lot Anthony, means a lot coming from someone else who also does really clean work.

Honestly the lip has held up so much better than I imagined it would. The only real damage is from me catching it on a chunk of rebar, which put a little tear in the bottom edge facing the ground. So you can't even see it only feel it. I'm going to melt this back together with the solder gun eventually. Other than that it only has some little paint dings from rocks hitting it on the highways.
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