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Alright, I've still managed to be slowly getting things done in the craziness of life. We are preparing to move I hope! We found a place that will work for our needs and we aren't buying right now (thank god)! Still getting ready to move sucks in and of itself.

News for Lola.

H22A1 Valve Cover (After 12,000 miles and more than enough oil changes, she is still looking pretty. I Seafoam the crankcase before every oil change. It should only look better each time.)

H22A1 Valve Train

H22A1 Back Together! (Now with 170+ PSI in all the cylinders again!)

Tire Scrub from Autocross (Also you can see the ARP extended wheel studs, SCCA forced me to have them to compete.)

Weather Stripping to Seal the A/C Condenser to the Radiator (Over heating problems in any weather over 85* F. Ordered a B series Civic radiator to replace the current D series Civic radiator in the car. I'm hoping once the inlet/outlet match the engine size the cooling issues will be resolved. The radiator arrives in the mail tomorrow.)

Steering Column Cover being Prepared for '91 Prelude SI Steering Wheel

1991 Prelude SI Steering Wheel 1

1991 Prelude SI Steering Wheel 2

1991 Prelude SI Steering Wheel 3

Passenger Illuminated Window Switch (Thanks again Mark!)

Driver Illuminated Window Switch (Thanks again Mark!)

Lola ready to see the road again! (Little did I know at the time she still had an overheating issue, despite my efforts to control the temps.)

Variable Intermittent Wiper (Using an A11 controller from a '96 V6 Accord. Delay is from 14 seconds to 3 seconds, so much more useful than the stock wiper! I need to get the headlight switch from a 5th gen Accord as well so the 2 stalks match in length. The 5th gen stalks are a little bit longer than the 4th gen stalks.)

I've also been plugging away at my projects on old Lola. Tonight I finally figured out the issues with my NSS wiring. This means I can now wire up the NSS in new Lola and have it start only when the clutch pedal is depressed. I'm fairly excited for this. I also recharged the A/C system in old Lola over the last 2 nights as well. I will really try to keep my updates a little more timely. Then again I keep saying that and it doesn't happen. After we move though I know things will settle down a good bit.
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