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Originally Posted by vinbon63 View Post
Very true, I was thinking they sounded too high. I did contact Koni North America today and got some info from them. I was told that the STR.t's do have the Sport valving inside and are comparable to the koni sport (yellows) on full soft. I asked for some comparative details on the damping force between Koni STR.T's and Sports on full soft and this is what I received:

Fronts str-t is 670 bump and 3150 rebound at 75mm stroke and 84rpm
Front sports is 750 bump and 3000 min (full soft) rebound at 75mm stroke and 84rpms

Rear str-t is 310bump and 760 rebound at 75mm stroke and 84rpm
Rear sport is 300 bump and 950 min (full soft) rebound at 75mm stroke and 84rpm

I was trying to understand this all...I understand what bump and rebound are, I also understand how this shock dyno works and what the stroke and rpm settings mean, but I dont actually understand the values for bump and rebound...what would the unit of measurement be for them? Again, I hope this is valuble content for this thread, otherwise no problem, just delete it.

No, that is very useful, thanks. I would like to know the forces at full stiff for the yellows also though. The units are the same as a spring rate, so lbs/in. The damping force opposes the spring force, so they must be the same units. On a suspension histogram though, usually you would look at inches/second travel speed of the shock vs the force, so maybe I need to do some conversions with those strokes and rpms. Low speed damping is usually the most important thing to look at..3-4 inches/second and less. As a damper tries to change piston direction, it must first slow down, hence the lower speeds.
I love seeing info like this. Thank you. CB7tuner needs to get smarter and more technical, and its things like this that help.
There are no black and white suspension answers!!!!!!!!!!!

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