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Originally Posted by mj213 View Post
I'm running the eibach pro kit and agx struts/shocks. I think they're great. The drop is only MAYBE 1.5" probably more like 1.3" but according to the OP the springs are pretty stiff. I never get that slammed car "bounce" like some complain about on other suspension. I hear about lowering the car with AGXs causing them to blow - mine have around 50k on them and have been on full hardness the whole time (except for a week at full soft) and they haven't ever leaked or anything. I can take corners as fast as I want and never experience understeer or traction loss. My only concern is that I wish the drop was about 1.5-1.7".
The Pro-kit drop isn't a very extreme drop, and the rates(even though you think they're stiff) are pretty soft really, so they probably aren't too harsh on the AGX's. A spring like the pro-kit is the sort of thing the AGX was meant to be paired with.
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