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This weekend was very busy but I still managed some progress on Lola.

-Splash guard installed (cleaned also it was filthy on the drivers side)
-Starter installed
-Bypass hose for cooling installed (forgot about it earlier, in place of deleted fit valve)
-Intake tube installed
-Knuckle installed
-Upper control arm installed
-Outer tie rods hooked up to knuckles
-Down pipe installed
-Shifter cable hooked up
-Battery tray installed
-Battery cables hooked up

Engine Bay 1

Engine Bay 2 (I know this isn't the AEM V2 I have listed. But it will not fit with the battery I have right now. I have relocated the battery in my sedan, it will be moved over to Lola in a week or two, after that the V2 gets installed. Soon there will be no battery an AEM V2 and custom brackets to support it.)

Passenger Side Fog Light Reflector 1

Passenger Side Fog Light Reflector 2

Passenger Side Fog Light Housing 1

Passenger Side Fog Light Housing 2

I only have about 12 items left on my punch list to wrap up the car. Then its double check everything and finally try to start her up.
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