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Originally Posted by MrTShoff View Post
Okay get the 3 degree kit then and make sure you have your toe right as that usually the cause of what people call camber wear. I had the spc kit on my cb set to full negative and it was lowered on konis and skunk2 springs (about -3 on the front) and while the tires didnt wear perfectly evenly they were still normal and ive seen stock cars have worse wear patterns keep the tires rotated and they will be fine. Been doing it ever since on an integra and now a camaro and will be doing it on another cb if I manage to find one clean enough to bother with. I also bought my spcs on ebay and my wicked tuning rear kit as well and had no problems. As long as the seller is high rated youll be fine and ebay protects its buyers well. Now go forth and properly align
Thanks MrT!

Yeah, I always buy from a 100% buyer, and one where there's been a ton of the item being bought, and + feedback is very positive.
Welp, I know this will fix the camber, but I am not looking forward to hitting when I hit pot-holes.

Thanks again man ...

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