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Originally Posted by bruno8747 View Post
It does not make sense to weld it, There are a few reasons.

Its a little hard welding the head, Its not full aluminium so thats a little tricky.

Next is, The head may warp by the intake ports if not careful.

After everything is done, you have to spend money to get the intake side milled.

The better solution would be to tap the hole of the EGR in the head and use a set screw that goes in far enough to not interfere with the intake manifold.
Thanks for the feedback, I was wondering about the heat issue more than anything, but I see there's more to consider. I could probably use a honing stone to hand mill the intake surface as long as it wasn't warped, but the material and heat problems you mentioned seem too risky.

The set screw idea is good, I've seen that technique used (on smaller holes) to convert the Euro-R manifold to our stuff. It is also something I could do myself, and seal with sealant.

The port in question is about 15mm in diameter, so the tricky part here might be locating a huge 16mm tap and matching set screw/plug if I can stay metric. If that doesn't work, I'll try to find it in standard or pipe thread size.
Thanks again.

Another solution I thought of was cutting my own teflon intake manifold gasket (which I'll probably do anyway) and just not cutting out the EGR port hole, but I don't know if it will hold up without reinforcement...

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