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Ya, 16.5 A/F while driving down the highway....

Tuner and I both confused. He stated car ran fine when they had it and on the dyno / highway. I am confused as to why I'm seeing 16.5 A/F. Even on a short run I did the other day. Fine on WOT but just cruising... something is not right.

62mph, TPS 19%, 2500rpm, and a lamda of 1.14.....

Tuner noted it shouldn't be doing that, he didn't modify the tables that much.

I opened the trunk today for the first time since i got it from the shop
( i'm thinking these two things are related... )

Anywho... on the weekend I was helping a friend with his cb7. (He's not on here and has had many cb7s.) He's doing a H22 install on this 92 coupe ex. My job was to solder / run the 3 extra wires for the knock, VTEC solenoid & VTEC pressure switch

There was 3 of us, put in a good 5-6 hours. Still a lot of work to do...time to go home.......

(Oh, does anyone remember how wide of a tire we can use. I believe it's 225?)
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