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Just realized I have to rehost my pictures. Shame P-Bucket went that 3rd party route.


shout out to CyborgGT a.k.a Dave for coming through big time and helping me out with parts sourcing. It was well worth the money to get parts from a junked wagon from his area so right now along with that big box of parts I also have a another box that contains the rest of the rear pieces I needed for my interior swap.

Good to know some good people out there.

Recently scored a pretty cool half antenna switch and harness from 604_SE a.k.a Farad so that too is on it's way., I just have to figure out if it's compatible with the USDM antenna..which I can still order brand new from Honda so that's also in the works.

I won't touch the interior until winter passes so I know I have a huge task ahead of me to tackle once spring hits. Other things I have planned are to replace the timing / balance belts along with the water pump, and the major engine seals.

I really had my mind set on an H22 swap but I think this time I'll just swap out transmissions. Original motor still runs like a top at 206k miles so I really see no sense in swapping it out unless the motor died.

As for the planned 5 lug conversion:

ABS still works but I trying to figure out if the tone rings on a 5th gen Prelude and a 4th gen Accord are different. I remember when I did my first five lug swap in my old 5th gen the ABS light would never shut off and I traced it to the tone rings since I think the teeth spacings are different.

That's pretty much it for now.
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