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Cant find my hidden Oil leak

So recently i did some work to my front bumper and had my car parked up for about 4 days. i know that a bumper shouldnt take 4 days to finish but i've been occupied with family. but moving along, i decided to take my car out for a spin today and after i reached normal operating temperature, i decided to launch my car up the street in front of a few friends, but when i releases the clutch and got on the gas, i didnt feel the raw power from my f22 kick in the way it usually does. Feeling ashamed, i pulled over, popped the hood and checked my oil, surprisingly there was barely anything on the dipstick. To wrap things up, i put my car on jack stands and could not a a drop of oil flowing from the bottom.When i let my car idle i went to exhaust and could see a mild white smoke but the smell of oil was not really there. As of now i think it might be my rings but any advice will be appreciated.

(dont wanna be that weird guy but i feel a connection with my car (not intimate) but when somethings wrong with it, it irritates me everyday)

My Specs:
F22a stock
5 speed manual
Last oil changed: November 1, 2013
Oil was scheduled to change February 7, 2014 but will be advanced to tomorrow.

Thanks in advance and enjoy your holidays!
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