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Living at 5,000ft and having the not-so-bright idea of staying naturally aspirated, I'm willing to try every trick in the book to extract every bit of power out of the parts I've collected. Aside from keeping temps low, from what I understand the fact that the heat is kept inside the pipes is supposed to speed up the exhaust a bit more and help with scavenging and velocity. Coating the inside means another layer to contain the heat and help against interior corrosion. After reading, the plan now is to just coat the header/downpipe and the test pipe that I'll throw on occasionally.

Thinking over that "cool down" idea that I mentioned, I'm guessing that because the heat dissipates out of the non-coated pipe, maybe it then becomes easier for the hotter exhaust to push it along? Less resistance and therefore more power? I'm sure it is all small gains, like you say, but if I find enough tricks to try, a little here and a little there is bound to add up to something significant. It might not be a bad idea to ceramic coat the intake arm as well, to block out engine bay heat...

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