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Originally Posted by Raf99 View Post
Negative... i've done both 4th gen seat swaps (91 and 93 I believe) where one seat is whole and the other has the detachable head rest. But never these generation.
For accords 90 to 93 is our 4th gen obviously, but in regards to preludes 92-96 is 4th gen, and all 4th gen seats were the one piece without a detachable headrest as far as I know. 1991 was still 3rd gen 88-91 (what I'm trying to do) and the 3rd gen seats do have detachable headrests. However the 5th gen (1997-2001) prelude seats also have detachable headrests. Only the 4th gen seats were the one piece back design. So the prelude seats that you've installed that had detachable headrests, were they from a 97 or newer prelude or were they indeed from a 1991? Cuz it sounds to me like you have done this if they were 91... unless you meant the accords were 91 & 93. My bad im just trying to understand what you meant.

Here's what the 3rd gen prelude seat looks like (drivers seat in this pic)

90 LX 5spd 2dr (2011-2014)
93 EX 5spd 2dr (2013-2015)
92 LX 5spd 2dr (2015-present)

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