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CyborgGT seems to have made some friends!

I am officially in the market and on the lookout for a wagon! I'll say it now, please don't bother letting me know of anything in your local area, because I cannot get the time off work quickly enough to travel for a purchase. However, regardless of when I manage to find the right wagon, the engine assembly and swap won't happen until at least this winter.

If it takes too long to find a wagon, I might grab a coupe (or maybe even a fourth-gen Prelude, I've always wanted to experience one of those) as a placeholder for the engine just to get it tuned and running. There are some things a car could have that I'm willing to overlook and change later, like if it's automatic on a clean enough body I'd be willing to take on a manual swap. Or if the interior color was one I don't like (red, blue, or brown... that only leaves gray, doesn't it, lol), CBs are everywhere in junkyards here so I could swap that out. However, an ugly interior and an automatic I'll pass on. I'm really trying not to take on any quarter panel rust, either. Clean bodies are still out there. I'm torn on LX vs EX. After the RSX, I think sunroofs are badass regardless of the weight and I do want this thing comfy inside; but at the same time my "Aero R" badge means I do want a more performance-focused, Type R-like chassis. Do all wagons have rear disc brakes? I can't remember, but I suppose since the car is eventually going five-lug, it's not going to make too much of a difference. I don't know, I'll probably stop caring about trim level and take whatever luck throws at me there. The dream find: wagon, Cobalt Blue w/gray interior, manual, no rust... probably LX.

But I wanted to announce that this is actually nearing the end! (... of the beginning. So much is planned beyond the engine!)

Now: time to binge-surf the MRTs because I can't contain my excitement!

Project CB9 AeroR start-up: //////////
Slowly but surely... and gunning for that NA list!

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