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4doors is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
You sound like you'd be a joy to have around here. You have three posts in this thread and all of them involve complaining about the site. If you are so annoyed by this site, why come back? We didn't seek you out to be a burden on you.

Change your whining attitude about the very minuscule rules the site asks its members to adhere by for the sake of structure, or continue to post elsewhere. We're all annoyed about the inability to post pictures directly to the site without a host. But bandwidth costs money. You haven't contributed anything to the forum financially, so who are you to criticize what is made available to you with the resources from others? Some of us also find some of the rules annoying, at times. But they're there for a good reason. To protect the members that do invest their time and content here, or to ensure that the site is still as organized as it was when it was small.

We'd love to see and talk about your car, but if you're incapable of posting here without crapping on this community that was doing just fine before you, then you're not really needed.
Duly noted Jarrett
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