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Why not go with a 6.0? Everyone hates on 6.0s for some reason but if you build them right they'll last forever..and they sound so mean with a straight pipe lol. 7.3s are bulletproof though,wont get the same power out of it but still an awesome build!

Some sad news came about today...the title for my honda is gone,and my buddy doesnt wanna file for another one. He wanted to scrap it and i about cried lol so we brainstormed how we could go about keeping the car around a little longer and came up with one final solution....derby car! What better way to send the moredoor out in a blaze of glory?? I've been researcing how well they hold up in a derby,and apparently they really kick ass,so im gonna weld a cage on,weld the trunk shut,halo(to keep the sides and top from crushing me lol),bolt the hood down,donuts on the back and bobcat tires up front,and take out all the interior besides driver seat,dash,radio and speakers lol
You can't have him sign something that you can take to DMV? Would be sad to see a CB7 go just for that reason.
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