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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
Thanks guys. Took the good part of a weekend to get that map/homelink done. It really is a nice looking and perfect working piece for the cars upper interior. When I roll to work at just before 5am the ambient light is so nice. It matches the blue of the lighted ring around the push button start also. Since these accessories are blue I went with a blue led setup for my bb6 cluster and this weekend I will be grabbing the lighted window switches from a CRV at pap. I ordered some blue 3mm leds and resistors to get the switches all lighted up too. My Acura CL carpet has a slight blue hue as well as my headliner, that is from a white car, is a light blue/gray color. All of this ties together well in dark and daylight situations.
Next up will be the power folding mirrors complete with blue tint plus heat and Iím going to try and use one of the automatic mirror open/close setups Iíve seen online that work with the ignition and lock/unlock functions of my passive keyless entry.
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