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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
Today I got the CRV window switches for the lighted conversion.

Since I have a coupe I will obviously only need 3. I’ll probab grab another set this weekend for shits & gigs.
I also scored this 02-03 Mitsubishi Lancer rear lip. There is another recently “pic revived” thread with this lip on the last page. It’s actually a rear lip that appeals to me. And I found it in black.

In other news the CD pfm’s I got will not work for a CB mirror housing. Most things especially the most important features just do not match up at all. I’m going to go with the jdm Inspire/TL UA1 pfm set up and just pop them on my coupe perches. I like the look of the UA1 housings anyways. Gotta find some clean black TL housings now.

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