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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
Thanks for the compliments guys. I work every weekend on this car. The compliments let me know that, while I may have no life, at least my car is living a new life for the better lol.
Jchsmiley-the coupe in your sig I’m pretty sure I have a saved pic of from a while back before I bought my car. Inspiration ya know. Love the red. My gray leather interior panels came from a red EX coupe.

Jarrett-about those CD pfm pics. Here ya go:

In the top pic you can see the mirror adjustment motor is not the same. The CD mirror is larger so the centering if the mounting points are different as well as the mounting piece of course. The adjustment motor also unplugs from its harness wich is nice. The CB Adjustment motor will not fit and cannot be mounted in the CD frame. While the frame itself with the motor will bolt into the CB housing the bottom pic shows that the cast metal piece that screws to the perch will definitely not bolt to a CB perch.
Maybe you have DC integra pfm internals. I’ve seen the perch mounting pattern on them and they look like they will bolt up to a CB perch. DC integra mirror housings look almost just like the TL housings. I think the DC mirror lenses might be different from the TL & CB lenses. Then that in turn throws off the lense mounting configuration. Also the TL mirror lenses will not match up with the CD adjustment motor mounts either. It probably would mount but ends up sitting to high in the housing.
I’m going to grab a black TL mirror housing set at pap tomorrow.

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