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You'll still save a ton of money by simply removing the shocks assemblies from the car yourself and taking it to a shop to have them swap shocks and compressing the springs.

I did this on my parent's 03 Sienna since the strut looked a lot more scary than our shocks (a lot bigger spring with more energy). It cost me 20 a side for them to install the strut and new strut mount. I dropped it off and an hour or so later they were done and ready for pickup.

I think the best solution would be to purchase new KYB GR2 shocks, and buy new strut mount bushings from Honda. They're about 2 bucks a piece, you'll need 8 of them to cover all 4 shocks (2 per shock) that's really all you need. Replacing those bushings will solve any creaking issues you have going over little bumps in the road.

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