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Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
If you ever get a wild hair to go pull pistons out of a car in the junkyard again, the G25A uses 85mm pistons and I'd be willing to bet that it uses a 30.55mm compression height, too. The Vigor has a 9.0:1 compression ratio and the 2.5TL is 9.6:1. All that with an 86.4mm stroke. So that done in a 95mm stroke application should be well North of 10.5:1. If you were looking for a cheap boost on low-end power.
Dude you kick ass! Question tho. Can I use the rods out of the g series too or am I gonna have to swap rods? I canít reallt find much info on the g series motors. Would be so nice Iím sure the ringlands are thicker too

my new turbo build
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