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Originally Posted by sonikaccord View Post
That's just the fuse size too. I'd be more concerned about the wire being true to the gauge. Knu wire is a bit oversized. The finer strands make it look bigger than what it is too. The jacket is nice and flexible. With that being said, I've only had a small piece of knu wire before I changed out to something bigger and it was great.

wish i still had the pictures i took a couple years ago. I put up the 4ga knukonceptz cable that i ran on my last 2 systems up next to the rockford wire that costs 30-40% more, and up against the mid line planet audio kits they sell for 40$ at my buddy's shop, and the difference between the knu /rockford cable and the planet audio cable is pretty big. I'm imagining just from looking at the pics that the planet audio cable is about the same as the audiobahn cable.

its worked very well for all the systems i've had, as well as friends that have used it on my recommendation.
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