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Originally Posted by gloryaccordy View Post
I think someone should develop a full chassis rigidity package for the CB. Chassis design has come a long way in 30 years. Just kind of a bummer it's sooooooooo heavy.
I'm having trouble finding people to sign on for a part that could end up around $1100-1200/each with a handful of guys, so I don't think a chassis fabricator is signing on to fully go over a 25 year-old car anytime soon.

Originally Posted by Raf99 View Post
My only concern is price. $1500 USD is a lot when the benefits are not that substantial. Plus you won't find more than 5 people who want to do a J swap, and maybe only 1 person who will commit to it. And what's the cost to ship outside the US, another $300?
I would argue that the benefits are fairly substantial, if you're looking in the right place. It won't show up on a dyno chart, and it's not obvious enough to win you any show points. And while the J and K guys are the ones that would see a fitment benefit, anyone with an F or H could also see the benefit in weight reduction and the massive gain in rigidity. Not to mention that they might also have other remote-mounted turbo options available to them. If you want to keep A/C and a full radiator, but still run a large turbo, then why not set it behind the engine above the halfshaft? A traditional header could be used, along with an up-pipe to the turbo, and a dump straight back from there. Will anyone do that? Probably not.

Originally Posted by sonikaccord View Post
A tubular subframe would allow mounting of a different steering rack. Quicker steering in a CB should make it even more fun to drive

There are also some suspension geometry changes that can be made, if anyone wants to do the footwork to find out what that is...Is domesticated still around? I'm pretty sure he could say for sure.
I think that's getting more complicated than I'm wanting for this project. If it were just me, I'd take them a set of '04-'08 TL front lower control arms, have them modify the anchor point on the subframe to accommodate them, and do away with the front traction bar entirely. So when I change the steering rack, I'm telling people that are spending $xxxx on this to then spend a bit more on a new steering rack that they won't have a core for.

If I do end up with no one else, then I do have my '03 Acura 3.2CL-S steering rack to go in it.
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