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Originally Posted by CyborgGT View Post
I was just under the impression that polyurethane holds up better over time; being more resistant to chemicals, weathering/heat, and the constant flexing a bushing experiences over its lifespan, so I figure even a urethane as soft as OE rubber will still last much longer. Longevity was why I bought mine in the first place, but the 70A is horrible in the winter.
probably with todays aftermarket rubber, I had OE style rear control arms go bad in a year, but even my esp mounts, the holes are starting to wallow out, theyre egg shaped now and 4ish years old. But something quality made (good luck finding it these days) like the original rubber mounts, they lasted 20 years at least..and mostly failed from dry rotting. Have you heard of "303" rubber protectant, or the mint oil/alcohol trick, that and some OE mounts might make them last a good while. Petroleum will kill poly pretty quick too hence the special silicone based lube for suspension bushes.
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