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Hey guys Email Us.

As far as polyurethane yes it is the way to go for Motor Mount inserts. For suspension parts I use and recommend harden rubber. I know cost a little bit but I use HardRace.

Our inserts are only to us to use. We pay for molds to be made. If they are produced without our knowledge it is illegal from supplier. We solely have the rights to the inserts. No Hsquirts are different size poly. Much cheaper than what we pay unfortunately. Yes we have shopped around numerous times. The inserts are made to have a gap in the middle. There is no issues of doing this

I do not carry much spares we are small potatoes when we order it is for current orders. Sometimes I may have 1 set to spare. I have 4 Black inserts at the moment to spare. $60 Shipped US or $75 Shipped for Set of 6 if have 6. 2 per mount.

As far as insert grade... some Co's start off with 60 too soft. We use 70. 80 and 90 is race only lot of vibration. 70 is good for just about everyone upwards of 600++ whp. Front Torque Mount Kit on our Traction Bar System will take over and aid from there. I run 70s on my 500 hp H23V turbo crx and dc2 with no issues at all. Dc2 mounts lasting 10 years and 2 diff cars and is at 500 hp. I have people running our Mount Kits with 10 years on inserts. Warmer areas the Polyurethane can shorten its life span.

All we have ever used in our Mount Kits is 70A polyurethane. Whether was Black or Red was same grade. Black is only color available in last 6 months or so. Makes it easier.

Our inserts have been on numerous vehicles at over 700++ whp. Highest to date may be 850 whp H22 CD Accord.
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