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Note: this is not my car, it belongs to user P5ylance. He had posted great details on his fitment in this thread, so I'm relaying it here for the sake of reference.
His MRT for this car can be found here.

1992 Honda Accord EX
Wheels: Riverside Altstadt
Tire Size: unknown
Front: 17x7.5 +35 Offset
Rear: 17x7.5 +35 Offset
Fenders Rolled: No
Suspension: H&R Super Cup kit
Lowered Amount: unknown
Camber Adjustment Front: -1.0
Camber Adjustment Rear: -2.8

The full post quote, in his words:

Originally Posted by P5ylance View Post
ah, then follow my set-up. 17x7 +35 offset all around will be perfect for you and get you what you want. If anything, some 5mm spacers in the rear to get it perfect AFTER you roll your fenders, but its good right now. here, lemme show you some fitment pics with details in each picture

^uncorrected fronts. definitely could use better fitment... thus... FRONT CAMBER KIT!

^This is my front fitment
+35 offset
Camber corrected to -1.0
No need for spacers

^upper view of my rears, uncorrected camber
+35 offset
Camber uncorrected, remains at -2.8

i'm pretty sure if i correct the camber in the rear i would be right at the fender (much like what happened to the fronts), so I think 17x7 +35 is the perfect size for rims for that flush fitment. you will raise the rears to get the wheel wells balanced so you need height adjustment.

keep your camber at -1.0 for BEST FITMENT. any more correction than that and you will incur damage.

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