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I got answers

Alright folks, through a stroke of luck I was able to find an OEM CD player with the needed harness so thought I would share the knowledge I was looking for.

OEM CD Player 08A06-101-210
Following wires come from it

To connect these to the car without the the proper connections on the CD player the following must be done.

On the vehicle Harness:
Yellow/Red - Pin 4
White/Blue - Pin 5
Black - Pin 11

At the Factory Radio
White - Pin 12
Orange - Pin 13
Brown - Pin 14

I plan to create my own harness by getting a a factory replacement harness such as the ones here:
And adding the pins as needed for the 12-14 using a pin kit, and repining 4, 5, and 11, with two wires instead of one exactly as the OEM harness on the CD player would. I will share documentation with the process when I get the opportunity to complete it.
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