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Question Vibrating in neutral @ full warm idle, 5 speed 1991 accord

Hi I just recently bought a 91 accord ex 5 speed, 180k miles..

So at full warm up it tends to start vibrating quite a bit felt in the steering wheel and seen on the top of the hood. When put into gear it smooths out nicely. Definitely burns oil at some rate. I changed the oil and replaced a hose that was leaking coolant, that’s all so far. It idles steadily at 700 RPMs at full warm idle when it shakes. I really suck at going from reverse to 1st in it.. I really hope to keep the clutch in good shape (yikes). Noticed when first applying the brakes the steering wheel gets a little shaky. Spark plugs and serpentine belt are what I’m doing next. According to its records all belts are original unless some got lost. Hope to hear from anyone willing to help out..

Side notes. AC system is inoperable, whenever I roll down windows or apply the sunroof, you can feel the vibration of the car (in neutral) change.
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