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19dabeast85 is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by drummersteve7 View Post
I would go with concave, since the way of the master cylinder and slave cylinder.
so we shall see. I really wanna get this done.

edit: parts ordered from Pegasus Auto Racing
Part #3-48-S-90 which is 48 inch Size 3 TFE Hose, Straight Swivel to 90 degree Swivel
Part #3265-16 Male 10 x 1.0mm Metric Convex Seat to 3AN
Part #3265-42 Male 12 x 1.0mm Metric Convex Seat to 3AN Male

I ordered 2 sets one for each car. Should be good from the info I gather.
You are getting them to build the lines and not just ordering components I hope...?
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