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LadyG has a HUGE cock! LadyG has a HUGE cock! LadyG has a HUGE cock! LadyG has a HUGE cock! LadyG has a HUGE cock!
Wd40 huh?
It will be useful for the .01% of dip left, which is stupid thin.
The dip also pulled a lot of the paint off the black mouldings... which I am fine with.

I have paint plans. :devil:

My whole family's fingers are raw from peeling, but here she is in her OEM glory!

Another use for wd40 is cleaning your engine bay. Which this girl needs badly. I will wait a little however, I wanna do it as we do other bay work. It's easier, and you can do a better job.

Bay things should happen this year! My hubby no longer owns his own shop, and has had time for our cars again. He is putting his Integra back together after A LONG hiatus.

While he had the shop I did not get to learn the wiring and break tuck stuff he was doing. I didnt have the opportunity to the same way I got to learn mechanical things... ie, being the "tool person" and the "hey, hold this" person.
So I am really looking forward to helping him put his Integra back together, tucking all the things and such, so I can learn for myself.

The interior is going to need several goings over, and a few parts replaced to be better than a 7/10.

And last but not least, the best sibling portrait I can take!
I can almost imagine having both.
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