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G. Wiffington seems to have made some friends! G. Wiffington seems to have made some friends!
I posted this in another thread but it was actually an accident that I got the Euro from Steve at HMO lol. I originally ordered the H22A with non-LSD trans. But, when Steve & I were talking on the phone he asked if I was a member of CB7Tuner & I was like hell yeah man, that's my favorite website. Steve calls me about a week later to give me an update that he was going to hook me up with the H22A + M2B4 because he loves CB7Tuner (thank you other members for your HMO loyalty!) I was already blown away at that point. Then a few days later Steve called to tell me my order has shipped but, says I have a surprise for you...I was scared when he said that actually haha. He said my guys read the order wrong & instead of sending you the H22 with LSD they tested & sent the Euro R with the T2W4.

Sweet deal if you ask me.
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