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Originally Posted by PR CB7 View Post
if u want to use the OBD2 inyectors, u'll have to cut and splice all the wires going to the resistor box

or go the easiest option and buy obd1 h22 inyectors (290cc vs 345cc)
use ur TPS, the one on the motors WILL be broken

it uses H22 header, if u have an f22 EBAY full header, u'll need just the top part only
RED??? = I was wondering if you were meaning the obd1 h22 injectors are 345cc and the obd2 that are on the block are 290cc????

BLUE??? = And if I got ahold of oem h22 headers and downpipe it will work with swap??? or do I NEED to bet Aftermarket headers and downpipe?
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